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We are casting voice-over actors for Seldom Scene's world premier production of the new multi-media performance work Into The Breach. The dialect is standard American English.  All voice-over work will be paid (non-union flat rate).  



The character

breakdown is

as follows:

All auditions will be live and in person in Atlanta- no tapes or videos are to be submitted, please click the "submit" button. Thanks!


Into The Breach


On a chilly December afternoon the serenity of a tranquil forest preserve is shattered by the scream of sirens, as emergency vehicles speed toward a rocky bluff overlooking a deep gorge which lies far below the precipitous ledge… but before we gaze down into the breach, we look back upon a little girl who sits in her room behind a closed door, along with her brother who cannot play with his sister yet is somehow compelled to play along.  His wheelchair only moves when she tells it to, which in turn moves him- but it does not move him to speak, for Joey's developmental disabilities have left him unable to speak or do anything at all, unable in every sense of the word.  Unable even to think?  Or does his unsearchable mind seek to know and be known by the parents who sister Jenny keeps locked outside the door, grownups who sit like severed limbs detached from their own hearts?  Jenny is searching as well, determined to find the Joey who she's convinced is hidden and sleeping like an unlit spark inside the chairbound rag doll encasing him, the undiscovered Joey who the severed-limb parents dismissed as non-existent long ago.  But does the hidden Joey really want to be found?  Are Jennie's unceasing efforts to awaken the captive Joey from the unending nightmare she believes his life to be even a greater torture to him than the unyielding confines of his metal chair?  And if so, how can he express to her or to anyone his pain?

By blending the mixed elements of dramatic interpretation, video animation, original music and free verse into a synchronized chaos of sight and sound, Into The Breach endeavors to speak to those things which are inexpressible, and to pull back the curtains which conceal the inner lives of the troubled children and their equally troubled parents whose complicated and converging relationships have brought themselves and the sirens to the edge of the abyss.  It is here where one may learn that it requires only a gentle push to learn the difference between flying and falling.

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